250A Auto Circuit Breaker Car Audio Fuse Holder Power Insurance Automatic Switch(Blue)

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1. Current: 50/60/80/100/150/200/300A
2. Wiring hole: 0GA/4GA (with conversion sleeve)
3. Dimensions: 69x52x35 mm
4. Weight: about 200 grams
5. Applicable model: universal
6. Features: wide applicability, simple and convenient installation, good contact effect, protection equipment, durable

Working method:
1. When a short circuit in the circuit causes an overcurrent, the long-handle button automatically bounces to cut off the power supply to protect the equipment. After the fault is eliminated, press the long-handle back to the original position to form a path
2. Manual power-off: We need to disconnect the circuit when refitting, directly press the oval red button on the fuse, then the long handle will automatically bounce to cut off the power. Connect as above, then press the long handle back to its original position