480 PCS Cold Press Electrical Insulated Terminals Crimp Connectors Assortment Kit

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1. Premium quality Copper and PVC sheath, safe for using.
2. Comes with a transparent box with compartments for easy store and carry.
3. Made from tinned copper inserts and PVC insulator, ensures less voltage drop, preventing wiring failures and reducing equipment downtime.
4. Quick splice, an easy one step connection of wires, preventing corrosion and insulated. Easy to use.
5. Widely used in the wire connection for household and industrial purposes. Ideal used in marine and automobile applications.
6. Packaged:
RV1.25-4 x 20 PCS
RV1.25-5 x 20 PCS
RV1.25-6 x 20 PCS
MPD1.25 x 20 PCS
FRD1.25 x 20 PCS
MDD1.25 x 20 PCS
FDD1.25 x 20 PCS
FDFD1.25 x 20 PCS
BV1.25 x 20 PCS
Piggy Back1.25 x 10 PCS
RV2-4 x 20 PCS
RV2-5 x 20 PCS
RV2-6 x 20 PCS
MPD2 x 20 PCS
FRD2 x 20 PCS
MDD2 x 20 PCS
FDD2 x 20 PCS
FDFD2 x 20 PCS
BV2 x 20 PCS
RV2-4 x 20 PCS
Piggy Back2 x 10 PCS
RV5.5-5 x 10 PCS
RV5.5-6 x 10 PCS
RV5.5-8 x 10 PCS
BV5.5 x 10 PCS
FDD5.5 x 10 PCS
Piggy Back5.5 x 10 PCS
MPD5.5 x 10 PCS
FRD5.5 x 10 PCS
MDD5.5 x 10 PCS
FDFD5.5 x 10 PCS