50W Outdoor High Power Wired Siren Flashlight

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The outdoor siren is a new generation of professional high power acoustic siren with battery back-up and flashlight, which includes all performance and reliability for security alarm system.


1) Outdoor battery back-up siren with lamp light or strobe light.

2) Double housing: External-3mm plastic ABS with UV perention, internal 0.8mm metal case.

3) Continuous frequency modulated sound.

4) Tamper protection in 3 ways-screw or cover opening or taking off housing from the wall.

5) Positive and negative alarm trigger input

6) Trigger input to active only the flashlight.

7) Negative trigger input to active the light only.

8) Siren period can set as follow trigger or 3 min cutoff

9) Select form the lamp or xenon.

10) Alarm when main power failure.

11) Alarm when main power failure.

12) Protecting against totally battery discharge.

13) Plug terminal for easy installation not include

14) Environmental immunity

Siren Specifications:

1) SPL: 120db

2) Siren Tone: Yelp

3) Fundamental Frequency: 1850Hz

4) Frequency Range: 1300-2400Hz

5) Flashlight: Lamp 12V DC/ 5W

6) Charge Current Limit: 250mA

7) Current Consumption(Speaker and strobe):

- Standby: 10mA

- Alarm 1600mA at 13.8VDC

8) Maximum Power: 50W

9) Trigger Level:

- Trigger Low = Max.1VDC

- Trigger High = Min.9VDC

10) Siren Alarm Period: F.T-Follow trigger TMR-3minutes

11) Input Impedance: 1Kohm

12) Tamper switch: N.C 28VDC maximum current 0.1A-open when cover is removed

13) Backup battery: Rechargeable Lead Acid battery 12VDC up to 7.2Ah

14) Low battery level: 8VDC +/- 0.3VDC

15) Material: External Box:

- ABS (3mm thickness)

- Internal cover: metal (0.8mm thickness)

16) Operating Temperature Range: -30 to 60°C

17) Case protection level:

- Water splash resistant

- Plastic ABS with UV protection

- Conformal coated circuit board

18) Can be used 1.2A 12V power supply

19) Size: 270 x 193 x 100mm

20) Weight: 183g