Belkin Leather Holster for IPod or IPhone

Belkin Leather Holster for IPod or IPhone

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 Product Information

Keeping your iPod secure and ready-to-use just got a lot easier. Handcrafted of the world's finest-grade leathers and wrapped around a flexible molded core, the Leather Holster from Belkin offers a perfect complement for your mobile music player.

Its durable swivel clip keeps the iPod comfortably in place on your belt, and lets you detach it-fast-with the push of a button. Remove the clip and place the iPod in your dash-mount attachment to keep your tunes easily accessible in the car. This flexible accessory gives you more freedom to enjoy your iPod.


Product Features

Swivel Belt Clip
Allows 360-degree motion for maximum comfort and convenience of clip wear

Form Fit Design
Complements your iPod with dock connector with fine handcrafting, form-fit design

Swivel Clip / Dash Mount
Carries your iPod, easily, anywhere-at your side or in the car-with swivel clip/dash mount feature

Easy-Access Port
Gives you a simple, easy-access connect-point to your iPod's bottom port


Note: Made for iPod but compatible with lot of other media players that fits in the Holster, Not compatible with iPod mini.