AK15 Fashion Smart Female Bracelet, 1.08 inch Color LCD Screen, IP67 Waterproof, Support Heart Rate Monitoring / Sleep Monitoring / Remote Photography (Silver)

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1. Fashion temperament heartbreaking decorate your wrist style.
2. The beauty of art shines, concentrate the beauty of time, every moment shines.
3. Lightweight body, wrists are more elegant.
4. Stylish and delicate round dial, capture your fashion charm.
5. Spherical tempered glass, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant shiny and transparent.
6. IP67 waterproof, the inner core is sealed, and it is easy to wash hands and rain.
7. Regularly monitor your heart rate, analyze your heart rate data directly through the bracelet sensor, estimate the maximum oxygen uptake, remind and give health data.
8. Long-term wear, continuous collection, real-time heart rate, blood pressure measurement, providing valuable reference for judging body condition.
9. Monitor your movement status in real time, record the number of steps, activity distance, calorie consumption, etc. throughout the day to give you a better understanding of your exercise status.
10. Long-term sedentary is not conducive to health, rest in time, relieve fatigue and change unscientific life, bid farewell to sedentary.
11. Monitor sleep time and quality in real time, record your sleep time, deep sleep, record data, let you know the quality of healthy sleep, and make improvements.
12. Bluetooth Version: 4.0.
13. Screen resolution: 240x210.
14. Battery capacity: 120mAh.
15. Compability: support iOS 9.0+, Android 4.4+.