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Baofeng BF-UV6D Civil Hotel Outdoor Construction Site Mobile High-power Walkie-talkie, Plug Specifications:EU Plug

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1. Material: polycarbonate
2. Transmitting power: 8W
3. Battery capacity: 2000 mA
4. Working voltage: 7.4V
5. Frequency range: 400-480MHZ
6. Applicable scenarios: service/catering/site/property/warehouse, etc.
7. Distance: 1-12 kilometers
8. 1000 times drop test, improve the resistance to fall and impact
9. Dual-channel waiting can be realized between the selected channel and the designated channel, select the code to the PF-1 key to turn on, and this function can be turned on and off
10. Press the MONI button twice in quick succession to activate the alarm function
11. Can carry out battery voltage detection
12. Size: about 25.5x6.1x2.9 cm
13. Weight: about 180 grams