BENETECH Digital Light Lux Meter for Factory / School / House Various Occasion, Range: 0-200,000 Lux (GM1010)(White)

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1. Measurement range: 0Lux ~200,000Lux/oFc~185,806Fc.
2. Digital update: 2 seconds at a time.
3. Photometric probe: silicon diode.
4. The operating temperature and humidity: 0 Celsius~40 Celsius.
5. Save the temperature and humidity: -20 Celsius~50 Celsius.
6. Power: 9V battery (not included).
7. Size: 52.5mm x 35.5mm x 166mm.
8. Backlight function.
9. Low voltage battery symbol instructions.
10. Application: Factories, schools, office, transportation route, house and so on, used to measure light intensity of various occasions.