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BENETECH GM3123 High Voltage Insulation Tester

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1. Auto discharge function to make the operation safe
2. LCD backlight
3. Digital readout display
4. Live circuit warning symbols with audio sounds
5. Anto power off function (in 10 minutes without operation)
6. Timer measurement function
7. Low battery indication
8. Suitable for 12V DC adapter (12V / 1A)

1. Display: Max. 999 counts LCD display (1000 counts only at 1T is displayed) Bar graph / max. 36 points.
2. Over range indication: OL mark appears on insulation resistance range. LO mark appears on voltage range
3. Auto-ranging: Range shifts to upper range: 1000 counts. Range shifts to lower range: 95 counts (merely on the insulation resistance range)
4. Sample rate: 0.5-10 times / sec
5. Operable altitude: Less than 2000m (Indoor use)
6. Operation circumstance: Temperature 0-40 Celsius Degree, humidity: <=85%
7. Storage circumstance: Temperature -20-60 Celsius Degree, humidity: <=90%
8. Overload protection: Insulation resistance: AC 1200V / 10s, Voltage: AC 720V / 10s
9. Voltage resistance: AC8320 (50/60Hz)/5 seconds (between electrical circuit and enclosure)
10. Insulation resistance: 1000M of more / DC 1000V (between electrical circuit and enclosure)
11. Power Supply: DC 12V (8 x 1.5V LR14 batteries) (included)
12. Size: 153mm x 96mm x 220mm
13. Weight: 1032g (without batteries and test wires)