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Bluetooth Receiver Smart Headphone Voice Translator 26 Multi-language Travel Business TF Card Voice Text Interpreter Earphone(Black)

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This is not only a simple Bluetooth wireless headset, but also a useful multi-language translator tool. For one, it can translate up to 26 into each other for language learning, traveling, business, and meeting. On the other hand, it gives you a comfortable unexpected pleasure of listening to messy wireless High-Fidelity music. Slim and clip-on design for comfortable wearing. It is high time to order it!


Multiple Languages Translation: Supports up to 26 translation languages. You can open the application and talk to the headset, so it will translate into Country Text you want. Chinese and English could translate into voice.
Bluetooth 4.2 + EDR Technology: Optimized Bluetooth version 4.2 enables stable and fast audio transmission, easy to connect to your Bluetooth devices in seconds.
High Fidelity Audio Output: Gives high fidelity audio effect and keeps the bass more affluent, bringing unexpected smooth and clear music to your ears.
Free switch between Bluetooth music and TF and MP3: Built in TF card slot, can change at any time.
Clip-on Design: Mini and compact, messy and easy-to-use wireless, clip-on design allows stable and comfortable for driving, running, travel, and other indoor or outdoor activities.
Long standby time: Playing time up to 3.5 hours, using at will.
Widely compatible with iOS and Android.

Language output: Chinese, English, Cantonese, Classical Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Thai, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, German, Italian, Greek, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Bulgarian, Estonian, Finnish, Swedish, Czech , Romanian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese