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BS-N65 Headband Folding Stereo HiFi Wireless Headphone Headset with LCD Screen & TF Card Slot & LED Indicator Light & FM Function(Purple)

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1. FM radio mode: Choosing the FM mode, you can receive the frequency range from 64 to 1080MHz.
2. TF card mode: Inserting the TF card (TF card not included) with MP3 format music, choosing the TF card mode, the you can enjoy the music you like.
3. AUX mode: Built-in 3.5mm audio port, you can use a AUX audio cable (AUX audio cable not included) connect mobile phone or PC music playing, wireless or wired as you like.
4. With LCD display function. It is convenient for you to choose frequency range.
5. Stereo Hi-Fi level music, presenting you high quality music.
6. Foldable design easy to take no matter where you are.
7. Pressure-relieving and soft ear pad for comfortable wearing, even in long-time.
8. Power by a rechargeable 300mAh Li-ion battery.