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CACAZI A10 300m Long Range No Battery Waterproof LED Light Smart Wireless Doorbell

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  • Communication Interface:Wireless
  • Display:None
  • Alarm:No
  • Itercom:No
  • Feature:None
  • Power:Electric Supply
  • Item Type:Wireless Doorbell
  • working frequency:433mhz
  • Receiving distance:300M Remote (in open area)
  • Power supply:110V-220V-240V
  • Ring tone:38 ring tones
  • Use of premises:Home office villa hospital school factory
  • Battery mode:12v 23A battery (not include battery)
Notice: The linear remote control distance of this product is not less than 300 meters. It can meet the needs of different family environments. The general family has no problem with security doors and several walls.

Feature 1: Anti-interference will not appear stringing.

Feature 2: Receiver Smart Flash

Feature 3: Receive signals over long distances.

Feature 4: Adjustable volume and music installation is easy to use (default dingdong) 3 volume adjustable 38 music optional