CACAZI FA86 Self-Powered Smart Home Wireless Doorbell, EU Plug(White)

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1. Buttons generate electricity by themselves, no battery is required, and the generator can be turned into electricity by pressing a finger.
2. Long distance without obstacles with a penetration of 150 meters.
3. Digital circuit design, multiple sets of use without crosstalk, effectively avoiding troubles caused by mutual neighbourhood.
4. 60 music ringtones, let us choose more than one.
5. 5 levels of adjustable volume, as you like.
6. The waterproof design of the transmitter effectively prolongs the service life of the product.
7. Transmitter: no battery required, press to generate electricity.
8. Receiver: Only the bell rings and lights up, just plug in.
9. Receiver voltage: 110/220V.
10. Transmitter size: 92x62x32mm.
11. Receiver size: 70x46x20mm.