Car Stainless Universal Supercharger Single Turbine Air Intake Fuel Saver Turbo Turboing Charger Fan Set Kit Super Spiral Turbo Revolutionary Stainless Steel Blades

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1. Improved fuel efficiency.
2. Instant increase in engine power.
3. Reduction in carbon accumulation the engine.
4. Minimized air pollution.
5. Enhanced throttle response and acceleration.
6. Easy to install.
7. Diamond shape diversion mesh.
8. High precision propeller design.
9. Aluminium alloy hull.
10. Polished lnner surface.
11. 30000RPM bearing system.
12. Siicone coupler.
13. Install the product 10-30cm in front of the inlet throttle body.
14. The product can be installed on gasoline and diesel vehicles, as long as there is the inlet pipe on the air inlet of the throttle.