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Chunghop K-2988E Universal A/C Remote Controller with Flashlight

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1. The remote control is suitable for most models of air conditioners of all brands manufactured by the countries around the world (such as: old-type air conditioners, window air conditioners, split-type air conditioners, direct current frequency conversion air conditioners, etc. )
2. With the LCD display, the simple operation and the power off memory function, it is the good choice of the damage, loss and replacement of your remote control.
3. With the function of Time on/off, Fast heat/cool, Clock.
4. Offer manually & automatically searching to set up your A/C.
5. With LED light.
6. With LCD backlight.
7. With big button design.
8. New code library, cover more brands and models.
9. Power by 2 x AAA(not included)