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ChunGhop Universal Learning Remote Control L102(White)

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1)Demonstration for Use:

To combinate all the favorate keys of different home appliances remote controls to one remote, bring you an easy life.

Adopts digital circulation learning technology, which makes the learning fast and accurate.

Provides 1 pages (total 11 keys)for learning, with the liberty combination of function keys.

Learn multiple home appliance reomtes to this remote directly.

Easy to learn, to select, and simple for usage.

Permanent memory retention.

2)Precautions for Use:

To make sure the key made a successfully copy during the setting. If not, please recopy the function.

Only for infrar remote control.

Few special carrier wave infrared remote control may not be useful, or repetitious setting needed.

3)Technical Parameter:

Control distance: Approximately 8 meters, depending on the home electric appliances

Batteries: DC 3V 2*AAA LR03 1.5V (not included)

Battery Life: Approximately 12 months.

4)Note: remote control is unable to control home appliances that emit frequency exceeding 100K Hertz. There may be home appliances with correspongding codes that cannot be controlled by the remote control. However, the probability of occurrence is low.