CS-636B1 Motorcycle Multi-functional Modification Instrumentation Motorcycle Odometer Speedometer Tachometer Oil Gauge (Black)

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1. There are four functions: tachometer, speedometer, odometer and fuel gauge.
2. There are 7 colors of backlight, which can be switched freely.
3. This meter is very practical and cool, and it can be adjusted in seven different colors.
4. The aluminum alloy shell and sealing design are more waterproof and dustproof.
5. It has a longer service life.
6. Product features:
(1) Speedometer, showing 199. Can be set to kilometers KM/H and miles MPH
(2) Tachometer, showing 10000 revolutions
(3) Odometer, there are two kinds of accumulative ODO and zero return TRIP, the default display ODO
7. Wiring method: black-positive wire;
Green-negative wire;
Black and red-speed signal line;
Blue and white-fuel quantity signal.
8. Setting method:
(1). Backlight, a total of 7 colors, can be switched freely: when the odometer is in ODO state, long press the button for 3 seconds to switch the backlight color
(2). Switch between KM/H and MPH: press and hold the button without releasing and then turn on the switch, the screen displays P0000, at this time the ones digit 0 flashes, long press jumps to the tens digit 0 flashes, short press the tens digit displays 1 , Then long press to jump to the hundred digits to flash, short press 6 and the hundred digits to display 6. Long press the thousand digit to flash, short press 6 times the thousand digit to display 6, then the screen displays 00466, which means that 46.6HZ corresponds to 60KM/H. Short press to skip (this item does not need to be set), then the screen displays 1001, 1001 means KM/H, if you want to switch to MPH, long press the ones place to flash, long press to switch to 1002, which means it has been set to MPH. Short Press to skip to the next item.
(3). Setting the number of speed cylinders...Connect to the above, short press the screen to display 2002, indicating that it is 2 cylinders at this time (166HZ corresponds to 10*1000RPM/MIN), short press to skip and long press to flash, then long press Bit 2 is switched to 4, which means it has been switched to 4 cylinders (333HZ corresponds to 10*1000RPM/MIN), short press to skip to the next item.
(4). Fuel gauge setting....... Connect to the above, short press the screen to display 3002, which means it is a 2-wire fuel gauge, short press all settings to save and exit, long press the single digit to flash, and long press to display 3003, which means it has switched to a 3-wire fuel gauge, short Press save to exit.