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Digital Sound Level Meter with USB Port(Range: 30dB~130dB)(Beige)

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1. This unit was designed according to following standards:
-International electrician committee standard: IEC PUB 651 TYPE2
-US national standard: ANSI S1.4 TYPE2
2. Accuracy up to +/-1.5dB
3. Measurement range is 30 to 130dB
4. Fast/slow time weighting selection
5. Automatic backlight
6. The maximum value holding function
7. Auto power off 10 minutes
8. A/C Frequecny weighting selection
9. Both AC and PWM signal output are available
10. Calendar function
11. 4700 data record function
12. Connect with PC through USB,provides data record downloading,real-time data sampling analysis,and printing graph & data functions.
13. Power: 4xAA batteries(not included)