DOBERMAN SE-0119 Household Anti-theft Wireless Remote Control Door Magnetic Sensor Alarm

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1. Dual mode control, can be converted to manual operation when the remote control is not in hand, one-button conversion mode, simple and convenient.
2. Weak induction, no need to worry about the product is too low and not sound an alarm, causing the thief to enter the house, as long as the door opening of 1cm will immediately send out a 100-dB alarm, so that the thief does not dare to enter the home.
3. When the battery is too low, the product warning light will flash.
4. In the wireless remote control mode, the wireless remote control can be equipped so that the whole family can control the alarm, and up to five can be equipped.
5. EVA strong adhesive on the back of the product, just remove the protective sticker on the back to install directly.

Product specifications:
1. Host battery (purchased by yourself): 3 AAA (7) batteries.
2. Remote control battery (included): One CR2032 (button) battery.
3. Applicable places: family, single apartment, renting house, company office, jewelry cabinet, clothing cabinet, mobile phone cabinet, etc.