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DPS5020 CNC DC Adjustable Regulated Power Supply Buck Module Integrated 50V / 20A Voltage Current Meter

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1. Input voltage range: 6-60V
2. Output voltage range: 0-50V
3. Output current range: 0-20A
4. Output power range: 0-999.9W
5. Must use low-voltage DC power supply, can not use AC, not to connect to the mains
6. DPH series is a buck-boost power supply, the input current cannot be greater than 10A
7. Set analog adjustment and digital control in one, can view the preset voltage / current, input voltage, output voltage / current / power and other data in real time, small size, convenient operation, stable performance, wide range of use
8. Adopt 1.44 inch LCD high-definition color liquid crystal display, display voltage / current / power and other data on one screen, 160 degree wide viewing angle, high brightness, long working life. 4 digit resolution, more accurate measurement.