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Drive-free USB 3.0 HDMI HD 4K Video Capture

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1. Applicable to most third-party software and operating systems: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux.
2. Support up to 1920x1080 60fps (1080p) and up/down conversion video without CPU interaction.
3. Convert HDMI to standard PC webcam data. Convert video and audio from HDMI to USB video class (UVC) and USB audio class (UAC) data.
4. The sleek design does not require an external power supply, eliminating visual confusion.
5. Use plug-and-play solutions to customize your application without downloading drivers.

Hardware requirements:
1. Desktop: Intel Core i5-3400+NVIDIA GT630
2. Laptop: Intel Core i7-U 2.0GHz+NVIDIA GT735
3. Mac: i5 quad-core or above, graphics card compatible with DirectX 10, sound card, 4GB DDR3 or more
4. USB 3.0 power supply: Intel chipset with built-in USB 3.0 controller (Renesas, Fresco, etc.)

1. It must be connected to the USB3.0 interface of the computer to use.
2. Low computer configuration will cause the recording screen to flicker randomly or appear black.
3. This is a normal phenomenon, that is, the recorded picture is out of sync with the original picture.