DY-SQ400A WiFi Smart Leak Water Alarm Household Water Level Detection Alarm

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1. Wireless Wifi control.
2. The mobile APP pushes an alarm to prevent water leakage and can query the alarm record in real time.
3. Removable battery, standby time can reach 8 months.
4. IP67 waterproof, can protect the immersion probe.
5. It is ready to use and easy to install.

Product parameters:
1. Input voltage: DC 3V LR03.
2. Quiescent current: less than or equal to 10 microamperes.
3. Alarm current: less than or equal to 160mA.
4. Low voltage and under voltage: less than or equal to 2.6V.
5. WiFi: 802.11b / g / n.
6. Detection method: water detection.
7. Installation method: wall mounting.
8. Working temperature: -10-50 degrees Celsius.
9. Operating humidity: 95% RH max.
10. Dimensions: 24x69x16mm.