Electric Floor Heating System LCD Display Programmable Room Thermostat(Black)

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About the product
1. The product is a programmable thermostat, used as controlling floor electric heating or water heating system electric actuators opening or closing
2. The thermostat is used in commercial, industrial, hospital, hotels, civil buildings and villas for heating control
3. Designed to on / off control the fans and valves in air conditioner applications via comparison of the room temperature and setting temperature to achieve the aim of comfort and saving energy

1. Acrylic lens to avoid the finger scratch
2. Touch Button makes simple operation
3. Large screen display with backlight, easy to read, even in the dark
4. 5+2 or 6+1 or 7 days six periods program schedules maximize comfort and economy
5. One-touch temperature control overrides program schedule at any time
6. Precise comfort control keeps temperature within 1 Celsius Degree of the level you set
7. Data memory when power is off
8. Easy installation