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EM-70 Wireless Emergency Alarm Wristband Sending Help Signal Fall Detect SOS Button for Old People, Children

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  • Brand Name:KING PIGEON
  • Model Number:EM-70
  • Name:SOS Help Button
  • Arming Type:SMS singal
  • Wireless Frequency:433.92 MHZ
  • Working Voltage:3V battery
  • IP Class:IP66
  • Transmission Range:30~100m in open air
  • Wristband:19cm (7.5inch)
1. Wireless wristband waterproof panic button is a very useful device for asking for help under the unexpected incidents. It is very easy to use by wireless communication to the alarm panel. Push it then the panic button will send signal to the alarm panel.The Button need press for 3 seconds to make it work,not press short time
2. Waterproof design ensure users can wear it when take shower
3. Long life battery
4. Unique comfortable design