For BMW CAS4 System Intelligent Remote Control Car Key with Integrated Chip & Battery, Frequency: 315MHz

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1. This is a DIY smart remote control key with a frequency of 315MHz with an integrated chip.
2. The key includes key housing, key blade, circuit board, integrated chip and battery, which is a complete remote control key.
3. You will need to program the key and cut the key blade at a car locksmith before using it.
4. The keys are suitable for CAS4 systems with the same frequency, if they do not match, please do not buy them.
5. KR55WK49863 comes with chip 7945.
6. Buttons: 4 buttons.
7. Material: Metal+Plastic.

1. For BMW CAS4 5 Series 2009-2016.
2. For BMW CAS4 7 Series 2010-2016.