For Philips Vacuum Cleaner FC8471 FC8632 FC8474 FC8472 Filter Filter Accessories

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Product Information:
1. Delivery list: filter 1 + filter 1
2. Applicable models: FC8515 FC8516 FC8517 FC8518FC8470 FC8471 FC8472 FC8473 FC8630 FC8631 FC8632 FC8635 Only suitable for the model number, other models must check the size, the same size can be used.
3. Size: 145*125mm

Product Features:
1. Filter the tiny dust and bacteria generated during the cleaning process to reduce secondary pollution to the air.
2. Block dust and reduce damage to sensitive parts of the machine.
3. Haipa filter filter effective particle filtration, can filter particles such as cigarette smoke particles, pollen, dust and other particles up to 99.97%.