HEP-02A Universal Car 12V Fuel Pump Inline Low Pressure Electric Fuel Pump (Gold)

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1. It has good ductility, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, and has strong ferromagnetism.
2. Copper is used in the manufacture of various cables and wires, motors and transformers, switches and printed circuit boards with good electrical conductivity.
3. It will provide powerful power, stability and durability.
4. No bearings or pump diaphragms cause wear and tear, which lasts four to five times longer than many other electric pumps on the market.
5. Parameters:
Mounting hole distance: 6.7cm
Flow rate: 80~100 (liter/hour)
Current: 1.2a
Voltage: 12v
Material: 12V copper clad aluminum
Pressure: 0.032-0 .045 MPA
Output pressure: 3-6 psi
Import and export diameter: 8mm
Pipe interface: 0.8cm