Intelligent Osprey Assembly Toy

Intelligent Osprey Assembly Toy

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Such metal construction sets have been favorite toys since the early part of the 20th century. Designed for kids as well as adults, the ingenious system of small parts combine in numerous ways to create an infinite number of models. As kids enjoy building with this Metal Construction Set, they’re learning important skills like patience, organization, coordination, and how to read directions.

Not only does it help your child organize the many small pieces of their set, it allows them to take the set with them on the go. The instructions are helpful and clear, showing in detail how to build the models, and stating clearly what pieces are needed before your child gets started. Please note, however, that there are no text directions, only illustrations.

Kids can build up different models using the illustrated instructions, or they branch out with their own creations. From planes to cranes to helicopters, there is so much that can be built with one of these sets containing 418, bolts, wheels, screws, and metal pieces that come with this set. The sheer number of parts may seem overwhelming, but the compartmentalized case will help kids stay organized. Teenagers should have no problem building on their own, but younger kids might need some supervision and help, especially since the directions include no explanatory text — just illustrations.

Assembly required
Easily assembled
Suitable for children 6+
Includes necessary construction tools to complete
Instructions included
418 pieces