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iTAG Smart Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Tracker Finder Key Anti- lost Alarm Locator Tracker(White)

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1. iTAG is a kind of bluetooth low-energy product which based on the newest bluetooth 4.0 version
2. It can chain user''s easy-lost & valuable belongings(such as keys, handbag etc.), kids or pets together with smart phones through specified APP software within a setting bluetooth connection distance
3. In the effective distance it can realize the functions of anti-lost, looking for smart phones, self-portrait and voce recording
4. The effective distance of iTAG is 75 Feet in open range without barrier, with this device, your belongings, kids and pets not leave your attentions any more
5. iTAG USE CR2032 Lithium Coin battery which is easy to get from markets, and it works for almost half a year