Liquid Run Flat Tyre Protector - Cars & Motorcycles

Liquid Run Flat Tyre Protector - Cars & Motorcycles

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One bottle per car or motorcycle tyre. Scooters and smaller wheel dosages will differ.

This sealant is also ideal for motorcycles as well as an ideal solution for moped and scooter tubeless tyres. It offers protection against punctures from foreign objects up to 6mm in diameter.

As the wheel rotates, the centrifugal force distributes the sealant in a forward motion, this allows the sealant to apply an evenly protective coat to the inner tread section of the tyre. When a foreign object penetrates the casing, and passes through the protective coating; the air pressure from inside of the tyre assembles instantly, forces the product in or around this foreign object to give an effective seal, enables the vehicle to continue running.

The biggest risk in driving is tyre blowout due to sudden loss of air. Tyre pressure monitoring systems will not usually be able to alert you in time for you to take corrective action.

After you install Liquid Run Safe in your tyres, the sealant will spread evenly over the inside of surface to form a protective layer in the tyre. When a puncture occurs, the air pressure in the tire forces fibre and particles to interlock which plugs the hole in the tread area preventing any further air loss within 2 tyre rotations.

Liquid Run Safe can prevent flats by sealing 95 % of punctures in tubeless tyre treads.

The product will last 3 years or 60,000 kilometers per tyre.