Multifunction Car Truck Motorcycle Bike Digital Display Barometer

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1. Model: TG105
2. Dial diameter: 1.9 inches and below
3. Display type: dgital
4. Test range: 2.0-99.5 PSI or 0.15-7.00 BAR
5. Accuracy: +/- 1.5PSI
6. Resolution: 0.5PSI
7. Unit: PSI, BAR, KPA, Kg / cm2
8. Power supply: one 3V CR2032 battery
9. Product size: about 143 x 45 x 23mm
10. Product weight: about 41g
11. Method of use: Turn on the power of the meter and display the final test results. Press the "ON" button for unit conversion (PSI-BAR-KPA-Kg / cm2). Simultaneous testing of unit conversions shows that the value changes accordingly
12. The nozzle of the pressure gauge is aligned with the tire valve and tight pressure to ensure that the nozzle and valve are in good contact and there is no hissing noise. After 3 seconds, remove the meter from the valve, read the accurate tire pressure, and the data is held for 15 seconds. After the data is zero, move the pressure gauge to other tires to continue testing
13. If the meter has not run for 60 seconds, it will automatically shut down. Or press the on button for 3 seconds to turn off the meter