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Portable Hand-Held Security Metal Detector (GP 3003B1)(Black)

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1) Highly sensitive

2) Simple and convenient to use, no adjustment is required;

3) The detection distance will not be changed when the battery voltage drops from 9V to about 7V;

4) Low power consumption, can work for 40 hours continysly;

5) There is automatic and continues alarm when the battery is used up;

6) Switch on / off audio prompt function;

7) Witch external rechargeable socket hole;

8) Has audio, light and vibration hand off switch

9) Detection Distance:

- Pin: 30-60mm

- 64 model handgun: 150mm

- Diameter: 20mm

- Steel ball: 90mm

10) Install the 6F22 / 15F8H(9V) battery (not included)

11) Power: 270MW

12) Alarm: Vibration and sound and light alarm simultaneously

13) Detection sensitivity: As detect one yuan coin, the detection distance ≥ 5cm

14) Features and Applications: Scanning area is large, stable, durable, suitable for less demanding sensitivity school and factory security tests

15) Current work: sound and light is less than 47mA, vibration less than 103mA

16) Dimensions: 415mm x 85mm x 45mm