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QS-5806 Portable 58mm Bluetooth POS Receipt Thermal Printer(Grey)

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1. High speed, clear printing.
2. Small size, light weight, wireless design, simple connection, easy operation and maintenance, reliable performance.
3. Built-in rechargeable 1400mAh lithium-ion battery, long standby time.
4. Applications:
- The mobile police system.
- The tobacco distribution system.
- The utility meter reading system.
- The mobile office / mobile logistics systems.
- The portable instrumentation.
- The testing equipment, ancillary equipment.

1. Printing method: Thermal line printing.
2. Printing width: Paper width 58mm, effective width 48mm. Print density: 384 dot/line
3. P Print line width: 24 characters / line, 48 English characters / line or 36 characters / line, 72 English characters / line or 12 English characters / line, 24 characters / line or 8 characters / line, 16 English characters / line.
4. Chinese character encoding: GBK.
5. Built-in font: ASCII Font(12*24, 8*16), GBK(24*24,16*16)(32*32, 48*48).
6. Print speed: 70mm/s.
7. Printer core life: 50KM (25% print density or less than 100 million puiese).
8. Printable Content: English, numbers, various symbols, characters, pictures and 1D/2D barcode printing, picture printing, multi languages printing.
9. Resolution: 8 dots / mm, 203DPI
10. Data communication interface: Mini-USB / Bluetooth.
11. Power supply: Machine charging 9V-1.5A.
12. Print time: Continuous printing 2.5-3 hours.
13. Instruction set: ESC / POS compatible instruction set.
14. Cut paper: Manually tear.
15. Reminder Settings: Battery reminder, Bluetooth connect reminder, paper alarm, beep sound.
16. Black mark detection: Yes, can be printed with a gap of the adhesive thermal paper.
17. Operating system: Android, iOS, Win9X/Win ME/Win2000/WinNT/WinXP, Win Vista, Win7, Win8, Linux.