Siren Horn ES-626(Black)

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1. The product is equipped with a 12V / 115 dB speaker, high volume and double tone, can be worked with various alarm connection.
2. Flame retardant ABS case, strong and durable, small and light, long service life.widely used in alarm host, air leakage alarm, infrared peripheral alarm equipment, etc.
3. When someone breaks in illegally, the alarm horn will issue a three alarm to let you know where the accident happened, reach the location of the accident as quickly as possible.
4. Easy Installation: Installation options are flexible and convenient.Generally installed in the wall or doorway or balcony or construction site and other places, the installation height of 2.5 meters or more.

1. Voltage: 6-12 D.C
2. Alarm: 115dB AT 12VDC, 1FT
3. Current: 320mA (High-low sound)
4. Material: ABS plastic cabinet