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SNDWAY Range Finder Laser Handheld Range Finder SW-T60

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R 642.50
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R 642.50
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Instant measurement of distance, area & volume with one button operation: YES
Self Calibration: YES
Wide measuring range: YES
High accuracy: ±2mm (0.079inch)
Automatic calculation of Area and Volume: YES
Indirect measurement by Pythagorean Theorem: YES
Single/Continous measurement: YES
Max/Min distance tracking (display value): YES
Easy Addition/ Subtraction of measurement: YES
Set up front / rear benchmark: YES
Selectable meter(m), inch(in) and feet(ft): YES
Data store/ recall function: YES
Data Hold / Data clear function: 30 units
Air Bubble Level: YES, Included
Easy targeting with bright laser pointer: YES
Large LCD with backlight and multi-line display (4 lines): YES
Auto correction and error report technology: YES
Buzzer indication: YES
Battery status Indication: YES
IP54 protection (dust & splash proof): YES
Auto / Manual power off function: YES
Multifunction with intelligent calculation: YES
Compact & handy design: YES
CE, ROHS, FCC certificate: YES