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SUKKO LED Pulse Battery Spot Welder + Spot Welding Machine Micro-computer Micro Welding with LED Light+Battery Clamp, 220V EU Plug

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    Main features:
    1. Soldering metal thickness: Less than 0.1MM
    2. Voltage input: AC 220V
    3. Primary current: 2A~15A
    4. Soldering current: 50A~800A (Related pulse range 1ms~19ms)
    5. Soldering metal plate thickness: 0.1~0.15mm

    1. Voltage recharge range: 4.2~15V
    2. Current recharge range: 0~2A
    3. Dimensions: 140x245x200 mm
    4. Net weight: 4.3 kg

    1. Advanced MCU current controller achieved precise micro-computer soldering.
    2. Wider current range and single/double pulse soldering mode selection perform powerful function and high reliability.
    3. Unique digital battery recharge function for constant current/constant voltage recharge.
    4. MCU start control.
    5. Touch digital control with temperature display has precise spot soldering.
    6. Battery recharge display in LED 2 x 3 digits.
    7. Short circuit protection in recharge output.
    8. For assembly soldering all kinds of mobile battery, notebook battery.
    9. Also for precision processing soldering metal parts.