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Universal Air Conditioner IR Remote Controller(White)

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1) It's the lastest type of universal A/C remote control. It can remotely control most brands and models of A/C. It has many characters: digital automatic code searching function, low power consumption function, complete function, far sending distance, easy setting, comfortable handle, ect. What's more, it has a big LCD display (appears such as setting, clock, timing (ON/OFF) which make it more convenient to operate

2) Easy to operate

3) LCD display

4) Against remote controller damage, missing or replacing

5) It can control over 1000 different world famous of air conditioners

6) Batteries: 2 x AAA (not include)

7) Operable distance: about 8 meters

8) Product size: 14.5cm(L) x 5.3cm(W) x 1.2cm(H)