US Electric Conductivity Meter / Water Quality Treatment Tester Pen

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About the product
1. EC conductivity meter for test the quality of water.
2. The measuring water probe of conductivity test pen is made of titanium alloy materials.
3. Appearance dexterous, beautiful, small size, measuring high precision.
4. Large-screen digital display.
5. Easy to clean, and easy to carry.
6. Quick measurement, 5-30 seconds can finish one measurement.
7. With Automatic Temperature Compensation
8. EC conductivity meter has a wide range of applications including aquarium, hydroponics, water systems, aquaculture, pools and spas, labs & scientific testing, boilers & cooling towers, home, office, physical & chemical teaching, cosmetics and so on.

The Test Pen Using
1. Remove the protective cover.
2. Press the ON / OFF switch, connect power supply.
3. Put the US conductivity insert test pen into the test liquid until the liquid immerses slightly below the position of the immersion line.
4. Gently shaking, eliminate the bubbles of electrode.
5. Read the data after the indication stable (about 10 seconds). Press the HOLD key, the number locked. You can take the US conductivity test pen out the surface of liquid to read. Press again the HOLD key, then it can be unlocked.
6. After using, turn off the power, clean the electrode with water, then put on protective sleeve.