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VB603 3.2 inch LCD 2.4GHz Wireless Surveillance Camera Baby Monitor, Support Two Way Talk Back, Night Vision(White)

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1. VOX function: Press VOX key will turn on VOX mode, the VOX mode automatically puts the display in sleep mode to save battery. It reactivates automatically, when it detects noise in the baby room.
2. Two way (talk back): Parent can talk back to the camera, when baby cry or upset, comfort baby with parent voice.
3. Temperature monitoring: Measure air temperature around baby at any time.
4. Built-in 8 lullabies in the camera: May help the parent comfort the baby to fall into a sleep.
5. Automatic night vision: Night vision lamps help parents to see baby clearly in the night.
6. Secure, interference free, long range.
7. High contrast 3.2 inch color LCD monitor.
8. Long battery life (Up to 20 hours in vox mode).
9. Multiple languages support (English/French/Spanish/Portuguese/Italian/German/Turkish/Russian).