Waterproof Motorcycle SAE To USB Cable Adapter 3.1A Dual Port Power Socket Adapter, for Smart Phones, Tablets, GPS

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1. All-round USB Socket- 3.1A SAE to 2 USB adapter, perfectly suitable for charging 2 devices simultaneously (smartphone/iPhone/iPad/MP3/MP4/GPS/Camera/Bluetooth device, etc)
2. Safety First- 12-24V input voltage, 5V/3.1A output with quick disconnect and over-current protection, ensuring the charging safety.
3. Flexible and Steady Mount- well fitted mounting bracket with 4 install ties and 3M glue, can be 360 degree rotated, allows freely installation of the adapter.
4. Reliable Weatherproof Cover- there is a rubber USB cover for water resistance and dust resistance, effectively enhance its lifespan.
5. Cable length: 1.8m