Waveshare MQ-7 Gas Sensor

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1. Sensitive for carbon monoxide
2. Output voltage boosts along with the concentration of the measured gases increases
3. Fast response and recovery
4. Adjustable sensitivity
5. Signal output indicator

1. Power: 2.5V ~ 5.0V
2. Dimension: 40.0mm * 21.0mm
3. Mounting holes size: 2.0mm

Carbon monoxide monitor

How to Use
In the case of working with a MCU:
1. VCC: 2.5V ~ 5.0V
2. GND: Power supply ground
3. AOUT: MCU.IO (analog output)
4. DOUT: MCU.IO (digital output)

Package Contents
1. MQ-7 Gas Sensor x1
2. 4-pin custom connector jumper wire x1