Waveshare RPi IR-CUT Camera Module, Support Night Vision, Better Image in Both Day and Night

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1. Raspberry Pi Camera, supports all revisions of Pi
2. Embedded detachable IR-CUT filter to eliminate color distortion in daylight
3. Equipped with infrared LED to support night vision
4. 5 million pixel OV5647 sensor
5. Adjustable focal length
6. Camera specifications
- CCD size: 1/4 inch
- Aperture (F): 1.8
- Focal length: 3.6mm
- Viewing angle (diagonal): 75.7 degrees
- Sensor best resolution: 1080p
7. 4 screw holes
- for accessories
- Provide 3.3V power output
- Support for connecting infrared LEDs and / or fill flash LEDs
8. Size: 31mm × 32mm

Note: To use the camera on Raspberry Pi Zero / Zero W / Zero WH, you need to purchase a specific line: Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3 camera line

Package Contents
1. RPi IR-CUT camera x1
2. Infrared LED board (B) x2
3. 15-pin FFC (relative side contact) x1