VOYE V005A Wireless Remote Doorbell with 38 Polyphony Sounds(White)

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1. Working methods: Wireless digital remote control, Do not interfere with each other
2. The work voltage of the receiver: DC4.5V Batteries
3. Static electricity of the receiver Less than or equal to 0.6mA(Ultra-low power, can extend battery life)
4. Work Frequency: 315MHz or 433.92MHz(basic on customers request)
5. Remote Control Distance more than or equal to120m(in open air)
6. Work Voltage of the Emitter: 12V(Battery Model: 23A12V)
7. Work Electricity of the Emitter Less than or equal to15mA (20 times a day by calculating, a high quality battery can use for a year).
8. LED Indicator: Press the send button, LED indicator light will shine, Emitter work and the receiver receive the order and then send out the beautiful music reminded you the VIP visit, the green-ray LED of the receiver will regular shine along with the music.
9. Music source: 38 songs supply for choice, Use the External button "up/down"to finfish.
10. The function of volume regulate: High, middle, low three volume can choice, Use the External switch(or button)to finish.
11. Material: ABS