WT09 IR Camera Lens Detector Wireless Signal Detect Device Finder Anti-tracking GPS Radar Radio Frequency Detector

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1. It has the automatic detection function,the main device can be carried around,when an environment has an eavesdropping device
2. The pinhole camera, the casina fraud devices and so on; The main device will automatically alert to indicate danger. It can effectively prevent eavesdropping, candid photos and personal privacy leaks.
3. It has signal strength display indicator,so the source can be quickly found.
4. The sensitivity can be changed by altering the potentiometer.(increase sensitivity, widen detection range, reduce sensitivity, shorten detection range, and identify radio wave sources faster.)
5. Laser detection: You can see through the host window, all the camera lenses in the line of sight. It can wirelessly sweep:frequency detection range(1MHZ-6.5GHZ). Low voltage prompt function, built-in rechargeable battery.

1. Material: PC
2. Power: Built-in polymer lithium battery 3.7V 350mAh
3. Charging power: 5V 1A
4. Charging port: Type-C
5. Receive Frequency Range: 1MHz-6.5GHz
6. Antenna: SMA, Antenna gain: -14db
7. Signal detection range: 5cm-10m
8. Laser detection range: 10cm-15m
9. Sensitivity: 5 levels adjustable
10. Size:10.3x1.6cm
11. Weight:30g